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Thin Computing Software is easy, more productive, and more effective than alternate desktops. Thin Operating systems installed in the client, applications display over RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), and ICA (Independent Computing Architecture) several times faster than on other full-featured embedded operating systems.
They cannot be exploited by the hackers
Secured form viruses and malicious software
Automatically delivers the Operating System and applicants to zero clients in real time over standard LANs and WANs.
Stays productive in an environment of emerging protocols and standards.
Delivers best user experience for clients connected to Microsoft Windows Terminal Services.
Improves end user experience significant by making their interaction with software running on remote desktops.
Enables complete access to virtual machine or PC from the palm of your hand.
Allows viewing and managing your Windows desktop anytime from anywhere on your iPhone, IPod touch, IPad or Android device.
Eliminates expensive support and management costs.
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