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Quality Policy & Objective
Integrated Quality System
Logic has continuously thrived to achieve high quality standard and subject ourselves to most stringent quality system practices in industry.Logic has not only lived up to benchmarks created by the industry but has surpassed them in customer satisfaction and organizational performance. Logic has achieved integrated quality certification ISO 9001:2000.The adherence to this standard raises the internal quality bar.
  Quality Policy
Logic is committed to provide best quality Sales & Services, to match the requirements of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations through customer focus and continual improvement by effective implementation of quality management System.
  Value Preposition
In today's competitive world our company buys those technologies which can be an advantage for achieving parity with others. Our world is full of new applications, technologies, processes, methods and resources created by enlightened people and companies. Getting all the pieces to work together as one coherent solution is not an easy task. Our value proposition is to "Pull it all together".
  In simple words, Our Value Preposition is to put together the combination of IT Resources together by making sure that the assembly works to a Client's satisfaction as a full-system and service integrator. This is what we do: We pull all the pieces of a solution together to create differentiated offering
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