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Mail Sorters are used to presort mail prior to delivery by corporations and other mailers in order to earn discounts on postage. Mail sorters can scan and archive mail piece images during the sort process for compliance and proof of mailing. A mail sorter ensures mail's accuracy. By using mail sorter mail reaches the right person or department quickly and efficiently. Mail sorters are an ideal solution for fulfillment houses, direct mailers, commercial printers, transaction bureaus, corporate and enterprise mail rooms looking to stem the tide of regulatory price changes.
Logic is Business Partner in India for Pitney Bows Inc (NYSC:PBI),which is the world's leading provider of integrated mail and document management systems, services and solutions.Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) is a leading Mailstream technology company that helps organizations manage the flow of information, mail, document and packages (both physical & digital)
Flats Sorters Pitney Bowes flats sorting solutions help mailers obtain significant postage discounts, speed the delivery of incoming mail and/or automate flat mail processing. Solutions range from high speed business flats sorters to modular sorters which can handle polywrap, parcels and even misshapen mail.
Letter Sorters Pitney Bowes sorting solutions improve accurate processing of inbound and outbound mail. The systems handle tens of thousands of pieces per hour with exceptional read rates and unsurpassed uptime.
  The product offered is-
EZ-Flats Sorting
Olympus II Business Flats
Olympus II Incoming Mail
Sorting Solution
VariSort Mixed Mail
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