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Desktop Virtualization simulates a user's desktop experience, but separates the desktop from the hardware, Operating System, and applications. With client virtualization, a user's entire PC environment executes on a shared server or dedicated blade client in the data center, with the graphical display output to a remote access device.
The simulated client desktop, or virtual machine (VM), runs on a physical host server that runs virtualization software. Many virtual clients can run on one host server with each client having different user properties, data, applications, and even Operating Systems. This allows users to seamlessly access their regular desktops from inexpensive low-end, thin-client, or shared machines.
Higher data security
Easier Manageability
Decreases end-user downtime
Ensures business continuity
Reduces Hardware cost
Simplifies the task of keeping the client computers up-to-date with software updates security patches, and virus definitions which frees up IT staff for other critical tasks
Allows system administrators and software developers to install and test applications while isolated from other machines, thus not placing their networks at risk
You can securely access your applications and data from anywhere on Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or wherever you can access the internet
Reduces energy consumption
Reduces space requirement
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