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  Data Digitisation provides an organisation with the facility that they can do much work in less time with security and privacy. Data digitisation is nothing but the process of converting manual documents into digital formats. In the process of data digitising, any type of document like texts, images, video, business cards or periodicals are digitised and converted into digital formats such as text, html, xml, pdf, doc, xls, gif, jpeg or tiff.
  The main benefit of digitisation service is that it cuts down the requirement of papers, saves office space and cuts down the time needed to process the same information.
  With this service, one can convert the physical data in form of papers, thesis, research papers, magazines, books, records, forms, mark sheet, survey data and others into the digital format which is readable by all computers and is easily processed by users.
  Process of Data Digitisation
  Data digitisation is done by following two ways:
  • Use of scanner and other software tools to scan a page/file in to the computer and converting the scanned data in to readable/editable characters. Software includes OCR software. OCR stands for Optical Character Reader; they can read the data from image files.
  • Use of computer typists/data entry operators as they are called to punch in the data on to a desired file format. (MS Word, Excel, Access etc) Both or either can be used for successful digitisation works.
  Digital data can be easily stored, backup copies can be maintained as well as distributed quite easily. This also ensures faster and simple sharing of the data. The most vital contribution of data digitisation is a perpetual preservation of important documents. Another benefit is that digitised data can also be stored on any media format such as CDs, tapes or Zip disks.
The benefits of data digitising
• Perpetual preservation of all your vulnerable physical documents.
• Easy storing advantages
• Effortless duplication of data
• Quick and easy retrieval  
• Easy access  
  • Easy transportation
  • Easy to shares
  • Makes data compatible with all modes of digital data transfer.
  • Long term preservation of documents
  • Orderly archiving of documents
  • Easy & customized access to information
  • Easy information dissemination through images, text, CD-ROMs, internet, intranets and extranets.
  How is data digitising different from scanning services?
  Document scanning services is a service that is used to scan the hard copies of documents into scanned images. Data digitising on the other hand is refered to as a process wherein data from newspapers, books, paper documents, business cards, periodicals or image files are converted into digitized data and delivered in any file format such as XML, HTML, PDF, Access, Excel, Word etc. The data can also be delivered in a media file.
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