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What is Cloud Computing?

The sky isn’t the only thing that holds clouds nowadays. If you’re in a business that revolves around anything related to computers, you’ve probably heard the term cloud computing before.Cloud computing is among the many new innovative uses of technology and the Internet in today’s world.

By definition, cloud computing is a term used to describe the process of using technologies such as the Internet to access services such as applications, virtualization, and storage. With cloud computing, services are delivered and subscribed on demand through the Internet. This method eliminated the need for software purchases and infrastructure as software is lent according to the needs of the business via the Web.

For businesses who rely on sales, cloud computing can be a solution to a plethora of problems areas, such as sales and lead management, and customer service sales force automation, all of which are encompassed in the large package known as customer relationship management (CRM).

Benefits of Cloud Computing

1. On Demand

The clouds in cloud computing refer to large computer servers that are located somewhere other than your office. The cloud can also refer to the Internet in general. However you think of it, cloud computing is based online, meaning you can get to your information from wherever you need it, whenever you need it. This makes things easier and provides flexibility for the entire sales force; managers don’t need to worry when they’re out in the field, and representatives can concentrate on selling rather than spending hours updating files on multiple programs.

2. Streamline your processes

With everything done on one platform, it’s easier to do business and for everyone to be on the same page. Managers will be able to view trends, reports and other information. They’ll also be able to take the information and make more informed decisions regarding sales forecasts and just about anything else. With helpful application add-ons, you can customize your platform to do exactly what you need in just a fraction of the time it might take to do on other programs. You can also implement the platform among all departments in your company so everyone can be on board.

3. Better customer service

A large part of CRM is providing good customer service. With cloud computing, customer service is easier than ever. Integrated help desk software helps you with troubleshooting, and easy access to customer information makes answering questions easier, and customers feel appreciated and cared for.

4. Automatic automation

Cloud computing platforms don’t require any software installation, which means you save time when it comes to upgrading and troubleshooting your equipment. Upgrades are taken care of by the provider, which means you’ll always be running on the most up-to-date programs.

5. Reduced costs

Switching your CRM to a cloud computing platform can actually save your business money. You’re actually a subscriber to their services, and you pay a flat fee each month based on the number of users you have. You’ll also be able to budget easily and save money over time.

Cloud computing is the smart solution for any business that wants to build and maintain strong customer relationships. In doing so, you’ll be able to see your business growth and your customer base expand.
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