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Wireless Campus
Today's college student is among the first to take technological innovations such as e-mail, text-messaging and wireless Internet capability. As, the student has grown up by using internet so the different administrators are giving pace to these student by transforming the college campus into a wireless environment which integrates the latest communication technologies into the classroom and into the student life.
These days most of the students go to the college with their Laptops and iPods, and this trend towards laptops has led universities to shift much of their technology budget away from computer labs to wireless capability. This change has simply enhanced the student lifestyle by making communication easier and convenient.
This innovation in communication technology is transforming higher education institutions, both at the classroom instruction level and across the campus as a whole.
How classrooms are conducted in wireless campus
Instructor integrates computer technology into their presentations. Professors use communication technology to supplement or otherwise alter course instruction in two categories:
• Presentation of course content
• Providing access to information
As a supplement to the physical classroom, we are using platforms like, a virtual classroom environment that lets students to access course materials, post and store assignments, and receive feedback from their professors and fellow students.
For having a good learning material a student wants 24-hour access to information. They don't want to have their research time limited to library hours. With the web access they can research any time when they want with no time limitation. So a service is provided where the information is given to the library and from there it reaches to the student via e-mail, text message or live chat.
Instructors make lectures which are available as audio or video files on the Web that students can also download to their iPods as podcasts.
Wireless campus provide student with the facility of having mostly all the information with them while going no where around the campus. One can just sit on his place and sort out his problem while having online chat with the professor on the topic. A student can also have all his lectures with him, by having no fear of the lecture being lost. Wireless campus is exact what the student wants from the campus these days.
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