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Delivery Model
Cloud computing is a new delivery method and a choice available for Campus ERP. For the Corporate Portal, Java and related technologies are used and is based on three-tier architecture. This is different from the traditional client/server architecture in the way that the application instead of residing on the client now resides on the middle-tier i.e. the Application Server. This enables a user to access the application from the client-end, using just a web browser. The three tiers of Campus ERP's architecture is as follows:
• Presentation tier (or user interface) - This tier interfaces with the user and consists of hardware such as a PC or workstation and a web browser. This may consist of any number of client machines.
• Functionality /Business Logic tier- This tier provides functionality to the end users and contains the business logic (application). It provides the bridge between the first and the third tiers. Depending upon the number of hits and the number of users, any number of application servers can be put in this tier.
• Data tier - This tier includes the database that contains all the data of the organisation and this is encapsulated from the end users. Any number of database servers can be put in this tier, depending on the volume of transactions and the amount of data.
Delivery Model: SaaS  
Cloud computing is a new delivery method and choice available today Campus ERP. It is a massively scalable, offsite infrastructure accessible on demand across the internet on a pay-per-use basis eliminating upfront investment costs. In this challenging economic environment, CampusERP enables institutions to drastically reduce their IT costs involved in automating their administrative and academic processes.
Thus Campus ERP is right time for accelerated adoption of cloud computing in education institutions of any sizes. Both server compute and storage capacity can be accessed in near real-time, when needed, without waiting for resources to be assembled in an on-premise data center.
Logic is one of the foremost organisations in India to provide a comprehensive ERP for education on a "SaaS" (Software as a Service) model. Besides understanding the needs of today's education system, we also understand the difficulty of the institutions in terms of deployment of such ERP systems.
Hence Logic offers an extremely distinctive model.It relieves the education institutions from paying an enormous onetime cost for the implementation of the ERP. All upfront investments like hardware setup, software, etc is also eliminated.
  SaaS V/s Traditional Installed Software Applications      
The key advantages are:
•  No additional cost for procurement of external hardware / software. No burden of paying an enormous amount at one time for procuring of the software. Work on a "Pay-as-you go" model.
• No need to employ any technical person at your Institution as all the technical aspects will be handled by us.
• Activities that are managed from central locations rather than at each School's/ Institution's site, enabling students/ parents/ faculty and the management to access applications remotely via the web.
• Application delivery that typically is closer to a one-to-many model (single instance, multi-tenant architecture) than to a one-to-one model.
• Centralized feature updating, which obviates the need for downloadable patches and upgrades.
• 99% zero down time.
• Data is highly secured and strong encryption techniques like Asymmetric key based encryption algorithms are used.
• Scalability becomes extremely simple and does not involve much additional costs
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