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Logic recognizes the value of delivering complete solutions to its enterprise and global customers. Logic's team selects global partners, each of which is a leader in its field and provides essential solution components and services to ensure end to end, integrated solutions, spanning the breadth of horizontal and vertical industry environments. Logic and its partners deliver unparalleled security, manageability, reliability, and benefits across the full spectrum.
Whether you are a value added reseller, consultant, service provider or systems integrator, the Logic delivers dedicated resources and expertise to help you gain access to market opportunities that will secure new business and grow your profits in the market.
  Participating in the Logic gives you the opportunity to provide the hardware, software, and services that make it easier for IT departments to manage, update, and service desktops from a central location. We offer our partners a competitive advantage, together with a comprehensive set of benefits that can maximize your business opportunities and promote revenue growth.
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